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Aladdin And His Magic Lamp Stempleski, Susan Pearson (importado)

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ALADDIN AND HIS MAGIC LAMP This series includes a range of titles suitable for children, teenagers and adults. "Longman Structural Readers" is divided into six stages and are graded both by structure and vocabulary, from beginner to intermediate. Within each stage the readers cover different subject matter - crime, romance, adventure, famous people and places etc in a variety of genres: short stories, fiction, non-fiction and plays. The majority of the titles are original pieces written specially for the series, but some simplified versions of existing works of literature are also included. Most of the books include comprehension exercises and a number are recorded either singly or with other titles on an accompanying cassette. This title is an elementary text which is part of Stage 1 of the series. The text and illustrations are designed so that together they help the reader to understand the meaning of the words. Stage 1 texts are designed to familiarize readers with transitive and intransitive verb patterns, the imperative and the present tense and contain a basic vocabulary of about 300 words. This text tells the story of Aladdin and his adventures with the magic lamp. The author Stephen Rabley is also author of "Customs and Traditions in Britain" and "The Gold Lasso" which are also in this series. A fiction work in Stage 1 of this series. The text and illustrations are designed so that together they help the reader understand the meaning. The text gives the reader practi

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Peso: 0,045 kg
Número de páginas: 24
Ano de edição: 1989
ISBN 10: 0582030439
ISBN 13: 9780582030435
Altura: 14
Largura: 22
Faixa etária final : Adultos +21 anos
Faixa etária inicial : Jovens Adultos 15-21 anos
Idioma : Inglês Britânico
Método de ensino : Estudo individual - self study & autodidata
Nível de ensino inicial : Iniciantes
Volumes - Série & Curso : 6 Níveis de produtos

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