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Biophysics From Molecules To Brain Vucinic, Zeljko Blackwell (wiley)

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Radoslav K. Andjus was a founder of the modern field of biophysics, and this volume contains the proceedings of a meeting held in his honor in Belgrade, organized and attended by many of his former students and coworkers, including the Nobel laureate Stanley Prusiner. Andjus´s ground-breaking work in tolerance to anoxia and hypothermia ranged from the cellular level to the behavior of freeze-tolerant and freeze-resistant vertebrates. The symposium renews a well-established tradition of annual meetings of the Yugoslav Biophysical Society, which had been suspended for several years as a result of the political situation in the region. These proceedings comprise contributions from the fields of neuro-, membrane, and molecular biophysics; neuroscience; biomedical science; rehabilitation; and emergency medicine, and should be of interest to basic researchers as well as clinical practitioners.

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