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Fundamentals Of Queueing Theory - 4th Ed Harris, Carl M. John Wiley

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Thoroughly updated to reflect current research and practice, this edition presents basic statistical principles necessary to analyze the probabilistic nature of queues. Gross (operations research and engineering, George Mason U., etc.) and his coauthors take a numerical approach to understanding how queues operate and making realistic estimations about how they will behave in real life. Using examples, they introduce Poisson processes, the Markovian property of the exponential distribution, stochastic processes and Markov chains. They cover simple and advanced Markovian queuing methods, networks, series, cyclic queues, general arrival or service patterns, general models and theoretical topics, bounds and approximations, and numerical techniques and simulation. They offer appendices covering transforms and generating functions as structures for downloading specialized software. The result is comprehensive, rigorous, and completely up-to-date.

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