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Inspired by true events, One Hen tells the story of Kojo, a boy from Ghana who turns a small loan into a thriving farm and a livelihood for many. After his father died, Kojo had to quit school to help his mother collect firewood to sell at the market. When his mother receives a loan from some village families, she gives a little money to her son. With this tiny loan, Kojo buys a hen. A year later, Kojo has built up a flock of 25 hens. With his earnings Kojo is able to return to school. Soon Kojo´s farm grows to become the largest in the region. Kojo´s story is inspired by the life of Kwabena Darko, who as a boy started a tiny poultry farm just like Kojo´s, which later grew to be the largest in Ghana, and one of the largest in west Africa. Kwabena also started a trust that gives out small loans to people who cannot get a loan from a bank. One Hen shows what happens when a little help makes a big difference. The final pages of One Hen explain the microloan system and include a list of relevant organizations for children to explore. One Hen is part of CitizenKid: A collection of books that inform children about the world and inspire them to be better global citizens.

Detalhes do produto

Peso: 0,204 kg
Número de páginas: 32
Ano de edição: 2020
ISBN 10: 1894786092
ISBN 13: 9781894786096
Altura: 30
Largura: 23
Comprimento: 1
Edição: 1
Idioma : Inglês
Tipo de produto : Livro
Assuntos : Literatura Infanto Juvenil

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