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Sheila Rae, The Brave Cd-rom (1) Rh Random House

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Sheila Rae is established as a character who is daring and willing to do anything. She isn´t afraid of the dark, thunderstorms, spiders, or a mean dog at the end of her block. She pretends that the cherries in her fruit cocktail at dinner are dead bear eyes, she giggles when the principal walks by at school, and takes care of Wendell when he steals her jump rope by tying him up. One day, she gets overly confident, and decides to go home a different way than usual. Her sister, Louise, rejects this idea, but Sheila Rae chooses to go anyway, while Louise secretly follows her. After Sheila Rae travels for a while, she gets entirely lost, and doesn´t recognize anything around her. She gets terrified of noises in the forest, and begins to feel very depressed and begins crying for help. After finally calling for her parents and Louise, Louise finally decides to show up and comfort her. She leads Sheila Rae back home, doing things Sheila Rae did on her way out. After reaching home, Sheila Rae declares Louise to be brave and fearless.

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