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Language And Its Cultural Substrate Lima, Diogenes Candido De Pontes Editores

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As an outgrowth of the idea of editing this book all the speakers were invited to write on a topic related to culture and foreign language learning and teaching. Consequently, issues such as pragmatics, translation, phonetics and phonology, intercultural communication, attitude change, cultural identity, cultural beliefs, cultural sensitivity, politics of language teaching, world English (es) and more, are all discussed here under the overarching umbrella of culture. It is hoped that this book can be an aid to those who are interested in addressing potential problems of foreign language learning and teaching, especially those issues as they relate to their cultural aspects. Contents- Cultural Knowledge of Portuguese/English Language Usage in Translation- Finding Solutions and Making Choices; For the Umpteenth Time, the ´Native Speaker´- Or, Why the Term Signifies Less and Less in the Case of English as It Spreads More and More Throughout the World; Dimensions of Teaching Culture in a Globalized World- The Case of English, with Implications for the Construction of a Foreign Language Policy in Brazil; Tips for Teaching Culture in a Globalized World; Assessing Culture Learning and Intercultural Competence Development; In a cultural context where postcolonialism prevails is there still a place for the teaching of English and American literature?; Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign Language- An Interface between Corpus Linguistics and Multiliteracies from an Intercultural

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