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Industrial Microbiology Waites, Michael J. Blackwell (wiley)

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Of major economic, environmental and social importance, industrial microbiology involves the utilization of microorganisms in the production of a wide range of products, including enzymes, foods, beverages, chemical feedstocks, fuels and pharmaceuticals, and clean technologies employed for waste treatment and pollution control. Aimed at undergraduates studying the applied aspects of biology, particularly those on biotechnology and microbiology courses and students of food science and biochemical engineering, this text provides a wide-ranging introduction to the field of industrial microbiology. The content is divided into three sections: key aspects of microbial physiology, exploring the versatility of microorganisms, their diverse metabolic activities and products industrial microorganisms and the technology required for large-scale cultivation and isolation of fermentation products investigation of a wide range of established and novel industrial fermentation processes and products Written by experienced lecturers with industrial backgrounds, Industrial Microbiology provides the reader with groundwork in both the fundamental principles of microbial biology and the various traditional and novel applications of microorganisms to industrial processes, many of which have been made possible or enhanced by recent developments in genetic engineering technology. A wide-ranging introduction to the field of industrial microbiology Based on years of teaching experience by experience

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