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Strategy As Practice Jarzabkowski Baker & Taylor

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For higher Ed market: The basis of this book is an in-depth empirical study of strategy and strategizing in universities. It provides insights into how strategies of research, teaching and commercial income are shaped over time, as well as considering the problems of size and scope faced by modern universities. Theoretically, the study is robustly framed within the strategy literature, while the detailed empirical analysis makes a clear contribution to our understanding of putting strategy into practice in both the university and wider contexts. Many practical stories and exhibits about doing strategy in universities are included that will be evocative and thought-provoking for those researching, studying or managing higher education institutions. With its unusual combination of a strong strategy framework and rich empirical insights into strategizing in universities, this book is of interest to students of higher education management, as well as to practising managers in higher education. ´This volume will appeal to researchers, students and those engaged in strategic management in higher education. The case study material provides a detailed portrait of the ways in which senior managers engage in strategic development. Overall, the volume provides rich insights on strategic management in higher education´ -Professor Bob Burgess, Vice-Chancellor, University of Leicester ´This is a completely original account of three contrasting universities´ approach to creating and managin

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